1. Till Krüger
    Stuttgart, Germany
  2. Fugitive Sense
    Moscow, Russia
  3. Sebastian Habben
    Cologne, Germany
  4. SCSI-9
    Moscow, Russia
  5. Reference
    Detroit, Michigan
  6. Ilias Katelanos
    Athens, Greece
  7. Pazul
    Hamburg, Germany
  8. Andre Kraml
    Cologne, Germany
  9. BlackIsBeautiful
    Cologne, Germany
  10. Constantijn Lange
    Berlin, Germany
  11. Mueller & Mitch
    Cologne, Germany
  12. Owain K. / KTRL
    Cardiff, UK
  13. Raucherecke
    Cologne, Germany
  14. Soukie & Windish
    Berlin, Germany
  15. 6884
    Cologne, Germany
  16. Havantepe
    Istanbul, Turkey
  17. NMD
    Otaru, Japan
  18. Paul Nazca
  19. Nhar
    Milan, Italy
  20. Henson
    Cologne, Germany
  21. Sarah Goldfarb
    Marseille, France
  22. Korablove
    Moscow, Russia
  23. Stop Thinking
    Moscow, Russia
  24. Prisko
    Cologne, Germany
  25. Littlelake
  26. Hidden Sequence


200 Records Cologne, Germany

200 Records was founded as a Techno label for vinyl and digital releases by Kai Sasse and Dirk Middeldorf in Cologne, Germany at the beginning of 2009. 200 releases albums for the club and defines itself as an open-minded label striving to provide a platform for both established and new artists. They are putting an emphasis on connecting with their artists musically and personally. ... more

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